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  Geoffrey Beene Wing Collar, 1/2 Pleated, 100% Cotton with French Cuff Tuxedo Shirt
  Geoffrey Beene Wing Collar 1/2" Pleated, 100% Cotton with French Cuff Tuxedo Shirt
  Joseph Abboud Wing Collar, solid pique, 100% Cotton with French Cuff Tuxedo Shirt

Joseph Abboud Wing Collar, solid pique, 100% Cotton with French Cuff Tuxedo Shirt

  Armani Exchange Satin Trim Tuxedo Shirt
  Armani Exchange Satin Trim Tuxedo Shirt

Tuxedo Shirt Accessories

Accessories for tuxedo shirts consist of formal jewelry which is made up of cufflinks, studs and buttons covers. There are currently over a thousand options for each of these items not including that fact that you can have them all made custom. Formal jewelry is the finishing touch to not only your tuxedo shirt, but to you entire formal wardrobe.

Cufflinks are two pieces of formal jewelry that are used for fastening shirt cuffs. They are typically made with two buttons or button-like parts connected with a chain or shank that passes through the slits in the cuff of a tuxedo shirt.
A stud is a small ornamental button mounted on a short chain or post which is inserted through the eyelets of a tuxedo shirt. Typically the neck button that is sewn on a tuxedo shirt is used to button up the neck of the shirt. The next four or five (five if very tall) eyelets (buttonholes) are bypassed by using the studs instead of buttons.Button Covers
A button cover is a decorative formal accessory that is worn over the top button of a tuxedo shirt. Button covers are typically worn with banded / mandarin collar tuxedo shirts. If worn with a wing collar or laydown collar shirt, the button cover replaces the bow tie or other formal tie. On banded / mandarin formal shirt, it is the only formal neck accessory option.

Materials and Gemstones
The materials used to make studs, cufflinks and button covers vary depending on the manufacturer or designer. Gold and silver toned metals with faux black onyx are used for the more affordable styles. Gold and silver plating with genuine onyx is the most requested style. With the mix of metals you get the look that real gold and silver give with the durability of hard metals. On the high end of formal jewelry genuine gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones are the materials of choice. When wearing genuine gold, be sure to be cautious with your cufflinks. Real gold will dent.

Any gemstone you can imagine can by found in either a cufflink, stud or button cover. The most common precious gemstone is the diamond and then the ruby. Fancier formal jewelry is made with multiple semiprecious gemstones combined into one facing. It's fascinating that their are so many options and if you can't find the right item, you can have it made. The options are endless.

Whichever style you choose, your formal attire will be complete.

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